BWV 961

All of Bach: a project by the Netherlands Bach Society

Fughetta in C minor

BWV 961 performed by Ursula Dütschler
at home in Muiden, the Netherlands

"This piece is in fact finished before you have really started."

A titbit

Bach is unable to say nothing.

This innocuous yet attractive mini fugue is practically over before it gets going, according to harpsichordist Ursula Dütschler, who we visited to make this recording. Bach’s authorship is contested by some people, as the piece only appears in manuscripts of uncertain origin. However, it would certainly not be out of place in the collection of two-part inventions (practice pieces for beginner keyboard players), although in this case the structure is slightly freer. Bach undoubtedly dashed off pieces like this with no effort at all. In short, it is a titbit – although no mere trifle. Bach is simply unable to say ‘nothing’ when he’s talking. There is always a modicum of substance to what he has to say.


Fughetta in C minor

keyboard work



Cast & Crew

Release date 22 September 2017
Recording date 19 April 2017
Location Muiden
Harpsichordist Ursula Dütschler
Harpsichord ???
Director Jan Van den Bossche, Hanna Schreuders
Music recording, edit and mix Guido Tichelman
Camera and interview Gijs Besseling
Producer Hanna Schreuders

Vocal Texts




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