BWV 904

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Fantasia and Fugue in A minor

BWV 904 performed by Francesco Corti
Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam

"Bach manages to turn a classic, solidly constructed fugue into an entertaining piece."

Descending lines

Modest luxury, rather than dexterous virtuosity.

Harpsichordist Francesco Corti describes this Fantasy and Fugue in A minor as ‘unusual’. As is often the case with Bach, little is known about the origins of the piece. It is not even clear whether he intended it for organ, clavichord or harpsichord. In his interview about the work, Francesco Corti explains why he thinks the harpsichord is more suitable than the organ.
The Fantasy begins with a series of descending notes in the bass, and descending lines continue to dominate the rest of the piece. The Fugue builds up steadily to a four-part web of harmonies. Then halfway through, there is a chromatically descending line as a second theme, which takes the idea of the descending bass in the Fantasy one step further. And then Bach weaves both themes together to form a rich harmonic whole. Rather than dexterous virtuosity, this is modest luxury - rather like eighteenth-century, ungilded, mahogany carving.


Fantasia and Fugue in A minor

keyboard work


Köthen or Leipzig

Cast & Crew

release date 25 May 2018
recording date 3 February 2017
location Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam
harpsichordist Francesco Corti
harpsichord Bruce Kennedy after Michael Mietke, 1989
director and editor Lucas van Woerkum
assistant director Stijn Berkhouwer
music recording Guido Tichelman, Bastiaan Kuijt, Pim van der Lee
music edit and mix Guido Tichelman
Camera Jochem Timmerman, Rene Holbrugge, Kenneth Dirkzwager
Intern camera Klazina Westra
Lights Zen Bloot
Set technique Justin Mutsaers
Data handling Jesper Blok
project manager NEP Peter Ribbens
Interview Onno van Ameijde
Producer concert Marco Meijdam
producer film Jessie Verbrugh

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