About All of Bach

This is where you can find new recordings of the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, performed by the Netherlands Bach Society and many guest musicians. Each week spotlights a different work.

All of Bach is the project in which the Netherlands Bach Society performs and records all of Bach’s works and shares them with the world online for free.

We started performing and recording all of Bach’s works in September 2013, and the first concert recordings were made available on this site on 2 May 2014. Each piece of music by Bach has its own page, where people can watch and listen to the work in its entirety, read background information about it and hear what the piece means to the musicians.

Over the past four years, the Netherlands Bach Society has worked with great pleasure and effort on All of Bach. It is a costly project to record the works of Bach in the highest quality and from a productional point of view it is sometimes challenging. Nevertheless, we absolutely intend to continue the project. To achieve that, we had to take a small step back in the recording frequency. As of Friday 7 September 2018, we will therefore no longer publish a new work on allofbach.com on a weekly basis, but once every two weeks. Every other week we will focus on a previous recording.

Why All of Bach?
In the run-up to the centenary of the Netherlands Bach Society in 2021, we came up with the idea of performing all of Bach’s works. In order to keep close to Bach, we try to perform his music as far as possible in suitable venues: cantatas in churches, chamber music in living rooms, and organ music on special organs, etc. To let as many people as possible enjoy the music, we make top-quality recordings of the works and put the results on allofbach.com, as well as distributing the videos on various social media. So you can also find All of Bach on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Netherlands Bach Society
In almost a 100 years, the Netherlands Bach Society grew to become a leading vocal-instrumental baroque ensemble with a flexible core of musicians. With his innovative programming and thorough research, former artistic director Jos van Veldhoven continually shed new light on the work of Bach and his contemporaries. Shunske Sato, his successor from September 2018 onwards, will take the Netherlands Bach Society to its 100th anniversary. Around sixty concerts a season are given throughout the Netherlands, including the yearly St Matthew Passion in the Grote Kerk in Naarden. The Netherlands Bach Society performs mostly 16th and 17th-century music and is widely known for its historically informed performances.

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